About How to Purchase and Use a Foam Cannon rightly

Why It Works
The benefit is that it literally sits on your car’s finish, without running or dripping off, while the soap works to loosen dirt and grime. The foam gives the soap’s surfactant more time to reduce friction and surface tension of the dirt, water spots and other trouble spots, as well as lubricating the surface for an easier washing experience. Once you’ve left it on for a reasonable time, you can often simply just spray it off and wash the dirt off with the foam, without ever having to touch your car. (The quality of the wax finish on your car may affect whether you can wash the car this easily.) Most cars will still require a bit of light washing with a soft cloth. An added benefit is that the lubrication greatly reduces the chance of scratching the paint or creating swirls on the finish.

How to Use a Foam Cannon
To apply, add about an ounce of soap such as DP Xtreme Foam Formula to your container and fill with water. Hold the pressure washer wand about three or four feet from the surface, and activate the foam. This is especially beneficial on the non-horizontal parts of your car, such as undercarriage or fender wells, or even doors. Once the wait is over, remove the soap container and wipe off the surfaces and/or simply rinse the soap off.

What to Look For
Foam cannons come in a wide array of prices, but the build is pretty much the same for all makes. The NCL PRODUCTS operates at about 40 to 90 psi when connected to a normal garden hose. The HP Foam Lance operates at about 2,300 psi when connected to a pressure washer. Other models include the Nilfisk 140, which produces about 2,000 psi, and the Wolfgang Foam Cannon High Pressure Kit (2,300 psi). You may need to select an appropriate fitting to match your power washer to your foam cannon; consult your retailer for more information.

How to Buy a Foam Cannon
To find a foam cannon, check your local car parts shops, tool shops or mass merchants like Target, or conduct an online search for the wide variety of vendors who sell foam cannons. The website www.avatarfoamcannon.com is a great sorting house to give you access to these online Wholesaler , which specializes in all machines dealing with water. You can find foam cannons from $7 to $17, but the most common price is around $7 if order quantity up to 500pieces.

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