2L snow foam lance, foam cannon car washing

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Description of foam lance. foam gun

The 2L Foam Lance is made in China and built to last. The injector head is constructed from solid brass, giving it excellent long-lasting performance and durability. With the exception of the Karcher K-Series bayonet option, all of the fittings are made from either solid brass or stainless steel, and connect to the injector head either directly or via a stainless steel extension pipe. The adjustable foaming tip is made of heavy duty plastic (as is the Karcher K-Series fitting), while the generously-sized bottle is made from chemically-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The brass injector head offers highly flexible dilution rate adjustability via a large top-mounted control dial, which allows you to fine tune the thickness of foam produced (clockwise for thicker foam, anti-clockwise for thinner foam). You’ll be amazed by the foaming power of this foam lance, and once you have adopted it into your wash routine you won’t look back.


How to use?


The PA Foam Lance is supplied pre-assembled and ready for use, but as a safety precaution we recommend that a quick inspection is undertaken before each use to ensure that all parts are nipped up tightly enough to withstand pressurised flow from the pressure washer. To use, unscrew the bottle and pour in a suitably diluted snow foam solution (we provide recommended dilution ratios for all of the snow foams we sell; see the Specification ). Then screw the bottle back on to the injector head and shake the whole unit gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to your pressure washer (double checking that the connection is fully locked in; don’t overlook this step, as the consequences don’t bear thinking about). Finally, aim the lance at the car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the top dial until you achieve the desired foam thickness (clockwise for thick foam, anti-clockwise for thinner foam). After use, remove the bottle and, with the injector head still attached to the trigger handle, run your pressure washer for a minute or so (with the top dial turned all the way anti-clockwise and the lance pointing away from your car). This will flush out the internal wire mesh filter and prevent any foam residue from drying within it (which has the potential to disrupt foaming performance in the long run).



Chemically resistant: Yes
Capacity: 950 ml
Construction: Solid brass injector, impact resistant nylon coverings & high-density polyethylene bottle
Maximum water temperature: 60°C
Adjustable flow rate: Yes
Adjustable spray width: Yes
Maximum foam thickness: Maximum foam thickness 5/5




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