Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose

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Deluxe 25 50 75 100 Ft 3X Durable Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose +Sprayer

New Strongest Expandable Garden Water Hose 100 Feet, Extra Durable Triple Layered Latex Core Flexible Expandable Hose with All Solid Brass Connector Fittings, Black Special Limited Time Offer With Free 9-Function Sprayer

Our hose is truly one of the strongest and most durable expanding hoses available anywhere! It has passed the highest levels of water pressure testing with amazing results. You can finally purchase a lightweight easy to use expanding hose that should withstand a higher level of water pressure and satisfy your watering needs for your garden and plants as well as washing needs for your car, RV, patio or horses !!

Newest, Strongest & Most Reliable Expandable Garden Hose, Water Hose available in today’s market to use with your hose sprayer! Designed with triple layered latex core durability to perform well with high water pressure.

This expandable garden hose is a next generation improvement on all previous versions of expandable hoses in the market place with three stages of upgrades and changes made by the manufacturer based specifically on customer feedback that will match and surpass any other versions.
** For easy first time usage follow the instructions included with your bought flexible water hose**
The Specifics:
Triple layer latex core– to perform well with high water pressure
Brass connectors– corrosive-resistant heat resistant, won’t crack or fade
Thickest exterior webbing– gives flexible hose ultimate durability
Expands and contracts in seconds– easily expands to up to 3X its length and quickly contracts to its original size for easy handling and storage. 3/4 inch diameter.
Lightweight design– won’t twist, kink or tangle
Free 9-function sprayer:
The best quality sprayer on the market. Designed for durability and comfort – Easy grip 9 function sprayer, zinc-alloy, copper plated, locks into place for easy use and is extra heavy duty.
Easy and comfortable for all users: Ergonomic Handle Design with a soft rubber coated handle makes this watering nozzle easy and comfortable to hold. The easy grip front trigger is easy to squeeze and can be locked into place with the included buckle for continuous spraying. This design feature will ensure that your hands will not tire after long periods of use as you switch through the different spray settings.
9 Function spray pattern: Sprayer offers these different functions – Shower, Flat, Center, Cone, Full, Mist, Jet, Tilt and Ring. Each spray pattern gives you flexible watering options for your sprayer use. Each setting can be applied to the lightest tasks (mist spraying flowers or delicate plants) as well as power spraying for walls, patios and cars, RV’s.This spray gun also has a high quality anodized finish to prevent rust, corrosion, and wear.
Compatible for use with your hose and leak-proof: Fits all USA-based garden hoses – 3/4″ ID Garden Hose Thread (GHT) with no need for adapters! Leaks are easily eliminated with the sprayer’s secure tight seal and durable internal rubber o-ring washers.
Important note about using your product: Gradually turn on your water initially when starting your flexible garden hose usage. For the first time using the hose it is recommended that you first fill the hose and slightly stretch the hose to release any tightness in the outer fold material. Then release the water and refill normally.
Please always make sure to empty all water from your hose after each use as leaving it filled can possibly lead to damage to the latex material. Do not leave the hose over exposed to sunlight. Put away in shaded area after each use to protect the material.
– 100% Guaranteed product
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