Foam Cannon Car Washer

Foam Cannon
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Foam Cannon Features:

  • New Heavy Duty Design, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.
  • Quality design and fittings provide excellent durablility for everyday usage.
  • Maximum Pressure 160 Bar.
  • Max Temp 60 Degrees
  • Variable, adjustable Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
  • Fully Adjustable dilution with setting dial.
  • 1 litre container bottle for Foam Cannon
  • All of our connectors are made of quality brass to ensure quality fitment and Karcher fitments are made of quality hard wearing plastic.

Foam Cannon Car Washer


Car Washer view-2


Foam Cannon Car Washer Application:

1. Foam Cannon Car Washer is the best way to clean various types of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles,  engineering machinery and agricultural machinery products. It is the most ideal tool for cleaning family car and small vehicle.


2.  Car Wash Water Spray Gun is also worktable for the exterior wall of building, ground, bath pool and swimming pool cleaning, especially for  windows, toilet and other corners which are difficult to clean by manual work.


3.   Other application: food processing space, food processing machinery,  hotel,  hotel kitchen  cleaning and disinfection.





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Foam Cannon Car Washer view-4


Foam Cannon Car Washer view-5


Foam Cannon Car Washer view-6

Foam Cannon Car Washer Description:

Foam Cannon Car Washer is a water / foam gun that attaches to a pressure washer.  The gun produces a powerful stream of dirt busting foam that washes away dirt and grime.


Car Wash Water Spray Gun is ideal for washing cars, motorcycles and trailers. The spray gun comes with a 1000ml soap tank. Any type of quality soap can be used with the foam sprayer.


Car Wash Water Spray Gun is made of solid brass with a heavy duty plastic foam nozzle. There is a knob on top to adjust the thickness of the spray. Turn clockwise for thicker foam, counterclockwise for lighter. The soap tank is made of durable high density polyethylene.


Three connectors are optional: screw type connector, insert connector and quick connector. The last one is most convenient.


Delivery Time

within 7-15 days after payment



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