Now that the car has been ceramic coated I have purchased a Karcher K4 in the sales at £149.99, would have been rude not too and am awaiting delivery on WoWo goodies. I already have Valet Pro Bilberry and Advanced Neutral Snow Foam so wanted to do some washes myself as I do enjoy it and I am very fussy and would clean it twice a week.


Anyways the only thing I am missing right now is a snow foam lance. The Karcher did not come with one and the reviews of the Karcher lance isn’t great so I have been looking at alternatives such as the in2detailing one at £16.99 which comes highly rated from many detailing forums.


One thing that has me intrigued is a few people then mentioned that they would never use a snow foam lance again after using a pressure sprayer to spray the foam. You can get decent pressure sprayers for around £20 from the likes of screwfix/amazon etc but wondering which would be the better option. With the ceramic I literally need to snow foam it and give it a quick once over with the WoWo wash mitt on the stubborn areas to get it all off so don’t really need a full on wash every time.


Finally are there any recommendations for a good value car shampoo?


Any advice on what would be best to use is greatly appreciated as always.

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