please send price and shipping costs to USA for us to sell on Amazon
Ship to LLC
33333 LBJ FWYDallas,
TX 75241-7203

NCL Hose Fed' Snow Foam Car


Michael Woo2017-04-27 11:51

Dear sirs,

We will offer you 2 kinds products for you refernece.
1. Unit price is $0 for general quality products
2. Unit price is $0. for high quality products. 100% grarantee.
Above price has been including the products price and shipping cost to Amazone warehouse.
But that price are based on 500pcs order quantity.

So what is your order quantity?

By the way, we are professional foam comapny with our holding factory, also with rich experience with Amazone warehouse. so wish to work with you soon.


Michael Woo2017-04-28 10:37


Do you already received the pricing for those products
Are you satifised with it? Waitting for your comments.


2017-04-28 10:37
Your Trade Assurance order may be at risk if you communicate and order outside of’s platform. To help protect yourself:

Keep a transcript of your communications
Complete your order payment on
only you can see this message
Humgo2017-04-28 20:24

I see this model on Amazon with many negative reviews.1 star

Michael Woo2017-04-28 21:09

We have two models, one is general, the other is for high quality. The high quality one is never have any negative reviews, not.believe it, you can take samples for testing.

Humgo2017-04-28 21:48


Michael Woo2017-04-29 20:16

pls check tha attached picture. This is high quality, only testing then know its quality is the best.

Humgo2017-04-29 20:30

for a trial on Amazon we consider only 500pcs.Can you put also logo sticker?

Michael Woo2017-04-29 20:58

Its okay and understand it. logo also can be stick on the bottle, but the.price will have to be changed, because different quantity different shipping cost and different logo cost, pls understand it.

Michael Woo2017-04-30 06:03

Total unit price is $0. including product, package, logo, shipping cost delivery to Amazone warehouse for 500pcs.

Humgo2017-04-30 07:03

Pls confirm it is for the high quality item

Michael Woo2017-04-30 07:29

Yes. it is for high quality.

Michael Woo2017-05-04 10:38

Any comments? Mr.

Humgo2017-05-04 22:31

we are working on it.As this sells in the Automotive category on Amazon I need a special approval from Amazon to sell in this catagory.I have already requesyed the approval and I am waiting on Amazon to reply.As soon as we receice the approval we will proceed with this trial.
To set this item up in Amazon(when we get approval)we would need the follwing info:
-your shipping from address including zipcode and tel nr
-shipping carton size and weight
-how many caryons for 500 items?
-size and weight of a single product in its package
-Nice pictures(that have no copyright issues) to put on my amazon web page.Pic must be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels.
-item description and relevant keywords
-MSDS(safety )report if applicable


Michael Woo2017-05-05 11:57

Shipping carton size: 42.5*29*25cm carton weight: 4.5kgs
6 units in a carton , so you will need to increase the order quantity to 54pcs.
then there are 9 cartons for 54 items.
size and weight for a single product in its package is approx 42*10.2*22cm (after assembled)
The weight is approx 520g
The products sell by a single box, and the box size is approx 23*13.5*13.5cm
the weight is approx 650g
Nice picture, pleas see attached file.
Item description:
relevant keywords: foam sprayer, soap sprayer, foam sprayer for garden hose
MSDS(safety) report, not have this.
Shipping address:
NCL(Asia) Ltd
Address: 191# Lijiang road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, 315032
Zip code: 315032


Michael Woo2017-05-05 11:58

Item description:
Material: Plastic & Copper
Quantity: 1 set
Water Pressure: 2.5-6 bars
Dilution Ratio: 6 kinds of dilution ratio
Bottle Capacity: 1000ml
Usage Method:
1.Please read the instruction manual carefully and assemble the Car wash foam gun properly.
2.Infuse right amount of washing fluid.(Capacity: 900ml.)
3. Please assemble the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and foam gun rightly.
4.To layout diagram and adjust the rotary knob according to the ratio.
5. Open the water faucet of the tap.
6. Hold the controlling pole of foam gun with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.
7. Lay it for a proper time and the offload gun and wash it.
8. Remove the dirty water with rubber cleaner and then wipe it with clean rag or scrap cotton yarn.
9. You must hold the controlling pole of gun closely and control the moisture after close the tap water faucet.

Humgo2017-05-05 21:11

thank you for the info.We are still awaiting Amazon approval.
About the pictures,you send only one pic .Do you have more?Like you have on your website(see attachment).
And maybe other?
You must remember that we will send the items to Amazon FBA warehouse,so we will not get the items in our hands to make any pictures ourself.
By the way,do accept Paypal?Or Alibaba secure?

Michael Woo2017-05-06 13:12

Pictures will be sent to you later.
We will not accept paypal. And for Ali scure, will have to increase to US $0
Fot T/T payment, the price is $0.
We suggest you choose T/T payment.

Michael Woo2017-05-06 20:35

By Western union, the unit price also is $0.

Humgo2017-05-06 21:20

we do only Alibaba secure or paypal.
Do you mean that with Ali secure I have to pay bank costs of US 0 or I have to pay to you US ore?

Michael Woo2017-05-06 21:22

If by Ali secure, the unit price is $0

Michael Woo2017-05-10 11:10

Any news from you? Mr. Hum

Humgo2017-05-10 11:17

the higher price makes it more dificult to compete.Especially as a new seller of this item,I must have the lowest price to enter the market.So we are thinking deep.
On the other hand,we have still not received Amazon approval that we can sell in this category.So we are still waiting anyway.

Michael Woo2017-05-10 11:40

Pay through western uniton will keep the lowest price for you.
We sell you not only make one deal. if only make on deal, will no any profit.
We hope you could be our partner for long time. so just take easy, we will guarantee the quality and others.

Why use the secure will have to increase the cost?
1. Alibaba secure will largely take much and much time to deal with the order.
many procedures than other ways. This will largely incurease the charge.

2. Our shipping agent also provide us two kinds shipping price, if choose secure,
their cost will increase accordingly. so they also provide us higher price than ordinary shipping way.

So our most clients work with us and paid by T/T or western union.
This way would be very cheap in cost for buyer and it is also simple and save time.
So hope you could understand it.

For approve of Amazon, I think that is it possible to call them or urge them? . it is too slow and will influence your business.


Humgo2017-05-10 20:49

we have to wait for Amazon

Humgo2017-05-12 11:39

Amazon has approved the item and we are free to proceed with the order.I am finishing my product logo which I will send you soon.
Pls send me the PI to WorldStuff Supplies LLC.
I will send you later also the item code labels and the shipping box label with the exact shipping address
I will pay by paypal.

Michael Woo2017-05-12 14:48

pls pay it by Western union, we not accept Paypal for amount higher than US $0

Humgo2017-05-12 19:44

alibaba secure

Michael Woo2017-05-14 09:55

so the products cap color like attached file?
Car Wash Foam Gun.png

Humgo2017-05-14 10:09

I dont see any attachment

Michael Woo2017-05-14 10:37

pls check again

Humgo2017-05-14 19:34

color and type

Michael Woo2017-05-14 21:37

this type is okay?
at the same time, red cap color is ok?

Humgo2017-05-15 04:25

this is the high quality type right?this I want.,so pls confirm.
Also red cap is OK
pls find attached my logo also

Michael Woo2017-05-15 15:00

Yes. This is high quality type.
enclosed the PI for you reference.
also  already send you the  payment link for you to to pay.
You should pay the bank cost.


Humgo2017-05-15 20:26

to be honest with you,the contact address and shipping address you gave and your webpage on alibaba dont give much confidence to me.It is scatchy and business started only in 2016,and I dont know if this is OK

Michael Woo2017-05-15 23:19

About the webpage, you please check the this is our new website.
I think this is not scatchy.

About the contact address and shipping address. Please check this website link
We have several office and factory in different places.
Such as we have two holding factoty in different city. Two or theree different offices
One warehouse in yiwu city.
So no need to worry about the different address.

And if no legal company, can not be show in Alibaba have strictly audit criteria. So you just take easy.
Third, this is very very small order & amount and with ali secrity guarantee. For you, it is no any risk.

Yes, the business started in 2016, but we have working experience in this line over 5 years.
we have rich experience in this line. You just 100% take easy.

For us, we still don’t know your company website, not sure your telephone No, your company located in Netherlands and you mainly sell disctric is American? It is strange.
do you surely will place order of over 500pcs in the next time? or next time is still only 50pcs.
For us, this is really small order. and the price we offered you even no any profit.
We more care about the next more big orders.

Actually we have a plan to attend the car washing fair in Netherlands this Sep.
Maybe we could be meet there.

Any problems pls contact us.

Humgo2017-05-16 00:10

OK just being carefull.We will go ahead and make the alipay payment and we will see from there.
by the way,Import NV is our official company established in the USA and doing business on Amazon

Humgo2017-05-16 03:04

Payment completed to alibaba secure.Pls find attached item code labels,shipping box labels and logo label.
shipping address
FBA Lahaina Import NV LLC
33333 LBJ FWY
TX 75241-7203
tel nr 1-866-203-8372
shipping box labels ….pdf下载
item labels foam gia….pdf下载

Michael Woo2017-05-16 11:59

Some points need to confirm with you, then we could start to prepare for the products.

1. The order do not including any soap foam. Pls confirm it.

2. Follow the American custom request, the inner box should be show “MADE IN CHINA”, and in the attached file, the label would be stick on the inner box.( the pdf file name is item+lables+foam+giant+15+may+2017)
so we will add a line in each lable of the attached pdf file.
The line words is “MADE IN CHINA” Please be noted.

3. the Amrican custom tax is USD

4. Scale line can be print on the plastic tank, but need add USD
pls check the attached scale line.

5. if no need scale can on the plastic tank, just stick the logo on the plastic tank, the logo size is 8*8cm, pls be noted and confirm it.
before we did logo for other clients. all based on size of 8*8cm.
Pls check the attached file (file name is 8-8-logo-other-clients)

Also in order to print the clear logo, we need the AI format file of Logo. this is very important.

6. If need scale line, pls pay $0. to our Paypal account
if no need scale line, pls pay $0. to our paypal account:


Michael Woo2017-05-16 13:31

And in the PI, as 6pcs in a out carton, so the total order quantity already be changed to 54pcs. Pls be noted and confirmed.

Humgo2017-05-16 19:55 soap included
2.item logo label must be stick to the plastic can(see attached example)
3.I thought your offer was Door to door,but f need to pay I will do via paypal
4.scale line needed,i will pay via paypal
5.i will check about AI format logo
6 OK
the foam giant.jpg下载

Humgo2017-05-16 20:10

I cannot attach the AI file .I get an error.But plss convert it yourself from this link

Free vector converter

Michael Woo2017-05-16 22:29

sorry, here can not convert it. can you send the AI format file to us by email?
Humgo2017-05-17 02:52

email sent with AI file.
payment sent by paypal
pls keep me informed of status and tracking nr when so far.Pls also make some pics of final product before shipping.

Michael Woo2017-05-17 07:08

Ai file received. I will check the AI file with our printer,
Payment $0.received.
ok. We will inform the status and tracking No. also make some pictures of final products before shipping.

Humgo2017-05-18 11:54

logo AI format send y mail

Michael Woo2017-05-18 12:16

reply you by email, pls confirm it

Michael Woo2017-05-22 10:13

Because i have to imput your company information into our alibaba system
so I need to confirm with your several points as below
1. You from USA or from Netherland Antilles?
2. what is your company or your address?
3. The telephone No
4. The goods need to be delivery to the Amazone warehouse. the Amazone warehouse is in the USA country, right?

Pls answer above points ASAP.

Humgo2017-05-22 10:44

1.I am from Neth.Antilles but my company import NV is established in the USA.
2.Company address tel nr is 59995105835 but for shipping documents you use Amazon tel nr
4.Goods must be delivered to Amazon warehouse in the USA at the exact adress as indicated on the shipping label(see attached)

shipping box labels ….pdf下载
item labels foam gia….pdf下载

Michael Woo2017-05-22 11:37

Pls check the logo in the emai.

Michael Woo2017-05-22 15:48

I have question about the logo and shipping mark, pls check the email.

Humgo2017-05-24 09:56

pls inform status

Michael Woo2017-05-24 14:44

Goods almost ready. and we are going to make the logo and lable & shipping mark.

Humgo2017-05-29 10:06

everything OK?pls send tracking nr and pics

Michael Woo2017-05-29 10:32

Not ready now. Stickers and labels are making now. But I think it is quick. When everything is ready, I will send you pictures and track number for you the reference.

Michael Woo2017-05-29 21:20

Logo and stickers are ready.
Pls see attached logo on the bottle and the lable on the inner box, Is it ok?
If ok, then we will pack them ASAP and ship out asap.


Michael Woo2017-05-29 21:26

Can we stick the logo on the bottle like attached pictures shows? This way will make the logo fit for the bottle.

Humgo2017-05-29 21:55

OK pls proceed

Humgo2017-05-30 07:45


Humgo2017-06-02 05:11

ready to ship?

Michael Woo2017-06-02 10:17

Goods are ready and already be sent to our shipper. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow would be ship.

Humgo2017-06-02 10:49

pls send me the tracking nr when you have it.

Michael Woo2017-06-02 10:50

sure. I will

Humgo2017-06-04 22:59

already shipped?

Michael Woo2017-06-05 16:40

Goods are in the warehouse of our shipper now and ready to ship. but based on express company’s weight request, we have to change the quantity of each carton to meet their request. I will send you the details this evening or tomorrow morning. After i get the new shipping mark from you, goods will be ship that day, very quick.

Michael Woo2017-06-05 16:40

Goods are in the warehouse of our shipper now and ready to ship. but based on express company’s weight request, we have to change the quantity of each carton to meet their request. I will send you the details this evening or tomorrow morning. After i get the new shipping mark from you, goods will be ship that day, very quick.

Michael Woo2017-06-05 22:14

The quantity of each carton will have to adjust to 18pcs. And totally 3 cartons. can you please send us the update shipping mark?

Humgo2017-06-05 23:29

Pls send size and weight of cartons.
I have to cancel shipment and make new shipment in Amazon.Normally difficult to change so we need this in advance.I am going to try and let you know.But need carton size and weight

Humgo2017-06-05 23:55

Amazon does not accept any size or weight.So pls send urgently

Humgo2017-06-06 09:23

urgent pls reply!!!!
This is all taking too much time.
Order was placed on 15 of May ,almost 3 weeks ago and still not shipped.

Michael Woo2017-06-06 10:15

Now goods are in the warehouse of the shipper. I have to wait the shipper to change the carton. I have urge them. will provide you today.

Humgo2017-06-06 10:31

they know size of the carton ,right?

Michael Woo2017-06-06 10:33

they need take out of items from the original carton and put them into another big carton, then they know the carton size. I already urge them to change the carton. But they need time.

Humgo2017-06-06 10:36

is this the first time?

Humgo2017-06-06 10:57

If I dont get the size and weight today,I will cancel the order and request a refund. from Paypal.
I will not wait wait any longer.
This is not the way we do business,its like amateur,sorry

Michael Woo2017-06-06 11:04

The update carton size is 44X49X44cm
The weigh is 12.7 kgs.

Michael Woo2017-06-06 11:04

Pls send the shipping mark ASAP. so that we can send the goods today.

Humgo2017-06-06 11:33

pls find attached
shipping box labels ….pdf下载

Michael Woo2017-06-06 12:03

Receive the shipping mark.

Humgo2017-06-06 12:10

OK ,awaiting tracking nr

Michael Woo2017-06-06 22:15

The track No is 1Z1894RE0397503615

Michael Woo2017-06-06 22:35

by UPS

Humgo2017-06-06 22:52

OK thx

Humgo2017-06-07 01:30

Tracking Number: 1Z1894RE0397503615
Status Not Available
The tracking number may be incorrect or the status update is not yet available. Please verify your tracking number and try again later.

Michael Woo2017-06-07 07:11



Updated: 2017/06/06 19:09 Eastern Time
Order Processed: Ready for UPS
In Transit
Out for Delivery

foam wash gun package

foam wash gun package


A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.
Notify me with updatesChange Delivery
Label Created On:

Michael Woo2017-06-07 07:11




You can check it now.

Humgo2017-06-07 21:01

OK thanks

Humgo2017-06-09 20:23

still no changes in the above status.When will the goods arrive at UPS facility?

Michael Woo2017-06-10 08:26

I will check it and let you know later.

Humgo2017-06-20 22:00

got the pics,thanks.
But how about the shipment..Do you have any news.Where is the package now?

Michael Woo2017-06-21 11:53

The shipper told me the package already arrive the USA. and will update within 2 days. Now it is in the USA customs.

Michael Woo2017-06-21 11:54

I will check the update the process from the Track No within this week and let you know.

Humgo2017-06-22 23:38

how about the package????

I checked the track No, it shows that the goods already delivery to the amazone warehouse yesterday.

Humgo2017-07-01 19:51

Yes the goods have arrived.Thank you

Michael Woo2017-07-01 19:54

I will send you more better pictures for your amazone selling using.

Michael Woo2017-07-01 19:58

The goods has been arrive the Amazone warehouse yesterday. So please cancel the dispute on Paypal

Humgo2017-07-04 11:01

ccan you send me the better pictures?

Michael Woo2017-07-04 14:30

Is there any background color request?

Humgo2017-07-04 20:18

white background for main image.Other pics have no requirements.All pics must be at least 1000×1000 pixels

Michael Woo2017-07-06 23:15

I just come back from the hospital.
Here enclosed the background main image.

Michael Woo2017-07-06 23:18

Another 6 pictures

Michael Woo2017-07-06 23:19

more 6 pictures

Michael Woo2017-07-06 23:20

hope these pictures helpful for your selling.

Humgo2017-07-07 00:35

OK thanks

Humgo2017-07-13 09:47

hello,the items are startng to sell,although still below target price.
So I am still lossing but I sense that there is a market.
So I am consideringto [prepair for a a new order for same amount.

Humgo2017-07-14 10:01

i dont know what is the problem but amazon shipping template is not accepting you adrress

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:10

what is our address you input in amazone system? let me check it

Humgo2017-07-14 10:21

Sorry i was talking to one of our other suppliers on alibaba This was not for you

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:30

Le’t’s keep the price same as last time, and shipping is 5~7 working days.
then we will have to pay more USD to the courier to support your business.

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:31

But could you place more a little on quantity? such as 100pcs

Humgo2017-07-14 10:39

Yesterday you said. more for 5-7 days.Today say
You keep increasing.
Right now I sell at breakeven price,so no profit.I have zero reviews so I dont know yet how customers like the product.So for now i prefer to keep small order

Humgo2017-07-14 10:46

Pls give me a breakdown of item cost and shipping costs so I can make my own comparision

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:48

Yesterday, Yes, I said , for 5~7 days. But that is not enough.
the balance will be paid by us.

we will have to pay more $even for 9~`12 working days shipping.
But you no need to pay $, So i advise you agree 9~12 days shipping.

So now if keep the same price with previous, then total we need to pay
So we surely need to pay working days.

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:54

The price & quantity will keep the same as last time, but the shipping change to 5~7 working days.

This is final price based on quality products.

Michael Woo2017-07-14 10:58

This is already our breakdown cost and guarantee 100% no bad reiew on Amazone.

Michael Woo2017-07-14 11:44

I have make the order, pls arrange the payment.

Humgo2017-07-15 06:06

the payment was completed.
Pls find attached the item and shipping labels.
Hope you can expedite this so that it can arrive timely at Amazon.
shipping label foam ….pdf下载
item labels foam gia….pdf下载

Michael Woo2017-07-15 10:51

The update quantity into each carton is 18pcs
Carton size is 44X49X44cm
The weigh is 12.7 kgs.

So pls change the shipping label and send us.

Humgo2017-07-15 11:05

Your invoice said 6 cartons of 9 pcs.I will change in the morning.Now is midnight

Michael Woo2017-07-15 11:10

sorry about that, okay, send us tomorrow.

Humgo2017-07-15 20:22

pls find attached
shipping labels foam….pdf下载
item labels foam gia….pdf下载

Michael Woo2017-07-18 19:25

The quantity for each carton has been changed from 6pcs to 18pcs.Pls conirm it and confirm the revised the Invoice.

Michael Woo2017-07-18 19:25

We already receive the payments and products will be produced tomorrow.

Humgo2017-07-18 20:17


Humgo2017-07-24 20:20

pls send me tracking nr

Michael Woo2017-07-25 00:12

not so fast. products and lable are producing now. Production will need time.
Next week would be 100% ready

Michael Woo2017-07-26 17:56

Pls pay USD through Paypal account
for the scale line and custom tax.

Michael Woo2017-07-26 18:00

Also we are making the lable which stick on the bottle.
Size of 8cm is too big and looks not very good.
The designer said that 6cm*6cm is a good size.
Pls confirm it.

Humgo2017-07-26 19:17

OK 6cm OK
Will pay today

Humgo2017-07-26 19:22

but last time size of lable was OK,why change now

Michael Woo2017-07-26 23:15

Pls see 8cm lable, it is too big.

The main purpose is that make the lable looks more better.
So change to 6cm lable.

Humgo2017-07-27 03:32

I want it square like last time

Humgo2017-07-27 04:44

OK extra money paid via paypal.
Pls keep me updated on shipment details

Michael Woo2017-07-27 09:56

Pls check the attached bottle with 6cm lable, Is it ok?
If ok, then we start to pack them.

If not ok, we need to make the lable again

Michael Woo2017-07-27 09:57

attached 6cm lable.

Humgo2017-07-27 10:04

Same as last time.
see attached pic.Did you forget?

Michael Woo2017-07-27 10:13

ok. I will make the lable which same as last time.

Humgo2017-07-30 10:47

how is it going?

Michael Woo2017-07-30 10:49

Lable are ready, and we are stick the lable these days. Will ship out the goods to our shipper tomorrow.

Michael Woo2017-07-30 13:04

Pls see attached pictures of ready items, If ok, then we will ship it out this afternoon or tomorrow.

Humgo2017-07-30 21:01


Michael Woo2017-08-03 15:40

Goods has been delivery to the warehouse of the shipper yesterday,
and wait for the customs clearance in China. Once get the customs clearance documents in hand in next 2 or 3 days , they will send goods out. then send you the track No for reference.

Humgo2017-08-05 09:30

Ok thx.We will await tracking nr

Michael Woo2017-08-05 13:06

UPS track No: 1ZY6415F6767823128

Humgo2017-08-25 07:12

Returned Date
Order ID
Merchant SKU
Customer Return Reason
August 16, 2017 111-3108324-4673811 9A-FW1P-Y6XN B071Z2T686 X001EZG0HX The Foam Giant foam wash gun hose attachment Car Wash Foam Gun car sprayer washer garden hose pressure washer 1 LEX2 Defective Product is missing parts/accessories Unit returned to inventory

Humgo2017-08-25 07:15

pls find attached returned report.Item missing parts.
You don have quality control?
Pls send me refund
Returned Date.docx下载

Michael Woo2017-08-25 09:47

Pls send us the picture and tell us which parts missing?

Humgo2017-08-25 10:03

You know I cannot send you picture or anything.Amazon handles all inventory and sales etc What I send you is copy from Amazon report.Amazon has no reason to lie

Humgo2017-08-25 10:06

Amazon is like a super giant company.I am only a small player on amazon.I cannot question Amazon

Michael Woo2017-08-25 12:08

Yes, I know that you also don’t have the picture and you only just get a report from Amazone.

But Amazone should get a picture from the final consumer to prove it is true. after that Amazone can get the return products, then they check its final situation.
after that they send you a report and pictures. This is reasonable.

Or that we can not track the source of mistake, because such as, different carton was responsible by different worker.


Humgo2017-08-25 20:35

Amazon does not work like that.But at your side you must be 100% sure no parts can be missing due to control of each package

Michael Woo2017-08-25 20:38

Yes. we will guarantee no missing parts In the future orders. About your orders, we will check two times.


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